Tuesday 15th October at 7:00pm
Welcome with light refreshments, joint meeting with Classical Association
Lisa Hau (University of Glasgow), "Athenian imperialism and Thucydides' creativity: the Mytilene debate"

Tuesday 12th November at 7:30pm
Michael Boyd (University of Cambridge), "The sanctuary at Keros in the early bronze age"

Tuesday 14th January at 7:00pm
Vasilopitta evening at Elia Greek Restaurant, George Square, Glasgow

Tuesday 11th February at 7:30pm
Bob Ewing, "The mystery of scotch"

Tuesday 24th March at 7:30pm
Michail Mersinis (Glasgow School of Art) and Moira Dalgetty "Silk and Soufli"

Tuesday 14th April at 7:00pm
AGM followed by...
Nondas Pitticas (University West of Scotland), "Aegina, first capital of modern Greece, through the aeons"


October 9
Dr Michael Given (Glasgow University), "Fire, soil and water: people and environment in the forests of Cyprus"

November 13

Mark Baines (Glasgow School of Art), "Greek influences in Glasgow's architecture"

January 8
Vasilopitta evening at Elia Rstaurant, George Square, Glasgow

January 14
Dr Maroula Perisanidi (University of Leeds), "Hunting Churchmen: pleasure and religious authority in Byzantium"    

February 12
Nikos Kyriacou, "Oral History project - Stories of Greek and Cypriot migration in Greater Glasgow"

March 9
Tony Xenos and Chris Lebessis with culinary treats from ancient recipes

April 9
Annual General Meeting


Oct 17, 2017 
Welcome cheese and wine reception followed by Natalia Tsoumpra's lecture "The curious case of female sexuality in classical Athens: religion, medicine and magic "

Nov 21, 2017
Prof John Huntley "Admiral Bouboulina: a half-remembered hero?"

Jan 30, 2018
Scottish evening - Liz Lochhead "Burns and women", after a Burns supper in the Bridie Room at 7:30pm. £2 admission at the door. Spaces may be limited.

Feb 27, 2018 
Vasilopitta evening at Elia Greek Restaurant, George Square, Glasgow

Mar 13, 2018
Showing of the film Phaedra, introduced by Dr Costas Panayotakis (in English, no subtitles). Joint meeting with the Classical Association Scotland.
THE KARKALAS LECTURE by Dr Renee Hirschon "Women in the social life of Asia Minor refugees in Piraeus" was cancelled, due to the speaker's inability to attend.

Apr 10, 2018
Annual General Meeting followed by a talk on Kokkinia, by John Huntley

May 19 & 20, 2018 
Scottish Hellenic Symposium, supported by the British Archaeological School of Athens (for details, see tab <Symposium 2018> at top of page.


Oct 18, 2016 Robert Sutherland, "Maria Callas, as I knew her"     

Nov 15,2016 Dr Maria Economou, Glasgow University "Greek Museums today: changing roles and challenges"
Jan 10, 2017  Vasilopitta evening at Elia Greek Restaurant, George Square

Jan 31, 2017  KARKALAS LECTURE by Dr Despoina Ignatiadou, National Archaeological Museum of Athens "Elite doctors in ancient Macedonia"

Feb 14, 2017  Nicolas Maraziotis with Jose Javier Ucendo "Greek music of the 20th century" with live performance

Mar 14, 2017 Jennifer Barclay "An octopus in my ouzo" with signing opportunity by the author

Apr 11, 2017 Annual General Meeting at 19:00, followed by Dr Zosia Archibald, University of Liverpool "The rise and fall of ancient Olynthos: new evidence" at 19:30


Oct 13, 2015    Prof Elizabeth Moignard, University of Glasgow 'Fun and Games: some of the things which happened at a symposium'

Nov 10, 2015    Film night "A touch of spice", introduced by John Huntley

Nov 24, 2015    Master chef night, Tony Xenos and Chris Lebessis

Jan 5, 2016      Vasilopitta evening at Elia Greek Restaurant, George Square

Feb 16, 2016    An evening with Alex Kapranos

Mar 15, 2016    KARKALAS LECTURE, Dr John Wilkins, University of Exeter 'Archestratus: fragments from the life of luxury'.

Apr 12, 2016    John Huntley, 'Kalliope and Euterpe: Poetry with Music in Greece'

May 7, 2016      Scottish Hellenic Societies of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews, and Friends of the British School at Athens


Oct 14, 2014        Dr Robin Barber: Sense and sentimentality: British scholars' reactions to Greece, 1885 – 1986 

Nov 4, 2014        Lyn Dunachie: The Great Tapestry of Scotland and Scottish diaspora (Scottish Evening) 

Dec 2, 2014        Professor John Prag (The Manchester Museum): Philip of Macedon: the face of a king?

Jan 6, 2015        Vasilopitta evening at Elia Restaurant, George Square

Feb 17, 2015      Dr Neil Brodie (Glasgow University): Cycladic figurines in and out of context 

Mar 10, 2015    John Liddell (Scottish Opera): Greek Costume in Opera: La Belle Hélène

April 24, 2015    Dr Myrto Tsakatika (Glasgow University): A new chapter? The Greek political system after the economic crisis


Oct 15, 2013    Prof. Jan R. Stenger (Glasgow), On the Use and Abuse of the Philosophy for Life: John Chrysostom's Paradoxical View of Knowledge (Joint Meeting with the Classical Association)

Nov 05, 2013    Dr. Thomas Kiely (British Museum), Robert Hamilton Lang: The Glaswegian Director of The Imperial Ottoman Bank at Larnaca

Nov 26, 2013    Dr. Nick Hytiris (Glasgow Caledonian), The Straddling of the Corinthian Gulf

Jan 07, 2014    Vasilopitta Evening

Feb 11, 2014    Prof. Elizabeth Moignard (Glasgow), How to be a Hero: The Iliad Freize at Holmwood.

Mar 11, 2014     Dr John Henderson (Nottingham), City beneath the Waves: Pavlopetri

Mar 29, 2014    Joint SHS and BSA all day meeting in Edinburgh

April 22, 2014  Lyn Dunachie (Glasgow), A Few Days in Western Anatolia.


Oct 23, 2012    Prof. Sandy Stoddart, Apollo in Caledonia: Grecian Intimations in the Far North (Joint Meeting with Classical Association)

Nov 05, 2012    Dr. Peter Cochran (Glasgow), Byron in Greece (Meeting in Edinburgh)

Nov 27, 2012    Dr. Effie Photo-Jones, Lemnian Earth and the Inorganic Healing Substances in the Aegean: Historial curiosites, archaeological artefacts or (potentially) modern medicines? (John Karkalas Lecture)

Jan 08, 2013    Vasilopitta Evening

Feb 26, 2013    Dr. Marie Martin (Glasgow), Trance, Ecstasy and Possession in Ancient Greek Religion

Mar 26, 2013    Mr Nikos Anagnostou (Glasgow), Engineering in the Ancient World -  The Tunnel of Eupalinos

Apr 23, 2013    AGM & Mr Nondas Pitticas (Glasgow), Democrats cannot be Idiots: a lexicon of etymology

2011 - 2012

Oct 26, 2011    Dr. Kirsten Bedigan (Glasgow), Religion and Medicine during the Fifth and Fourth Centuries BC (Joint Meeting with the Classical Association)

Nov 22, 2011    Prof. Elizabeth Moignard (Glasgow), Glasgow's Greek Vases

Jan 04, 2012    Vasilopitta Evening

Jan 10, 2012    Dr. Ian Ruffell (Glasgow), Greek Comic Bodies: Real and Unreal

Feb 07, 2012    Mr. John Lowrey (Edinburgh), The Polis and the Portico: Greek Revival Architecture and Scottish Education (Scottish Evening)

Mar --, 2012    Dr. Dionysios Stathakopolos (King's College London), Quid Pro Quo, Remembrance and the Quest for Salvation in the Late Byzantine Period (John Karkalas Meeting)

Apr --, 2012    AGM / Mr. Tony Xenos, Early 19th Century Greece through the Lens of Fred Boissonas (A Lecture and Exhibition)

2010 - 2011

Oct 20, 2010    Dr. Ronnie Scott (Glasgow), City of the Dead: The Origins and Development of the Glasgow Necropolis (Joint Meeting with the Classical Association)

Nov 09, 2010    Mr. Dave Lightbody (Glasgow),  Stepping Stones across an Iron Age Sea: Early Egyptian, Cypriot and Greek Cultural Exchange

Dec 14, 2010    Prof. John Huntley (Glasgow), A Caledonian at the Court of King Otto

Jan 04, 2011    Vasilopitta Evening

Feb 08, 2011    Mr. Nikolaos Angnostou (Glasgow), Engineering in the Ancient World: Building the Parthenon

Mar 08, 2011    Prof. Judith Herrin (King's College London), Constantinople: The Great Metropolis of Medieval Europe (John Karkalas Meeting)

Apr 05, 2011    AGM / Mr. James Clive (Glasgow), A Song of Crotal and White Revisited (Scottish Evening)

2009 - 2010

Oct 12, 2009    Ms. Charlotte Higgins (Journalist/Author), Barack Obama: the Debt to the Ancients (Joint Meeting with Classical Association)

Nov 10, 2009    Mr. Nikos Vallianos (Aberdeen), Sea Turtles in Greece and the Work of ARCHELON

Dec 15, 2009     Prof. Willy Maley (Glasgow), Cypriots, Patriots and Scots: Nationalism and Internationalism in the International Brigades (Scottish Evening)

Jan 05, 2010    Vasilopitta Evening

Feb 08, 2010    Prof. Vivian Nutton (UCL), Whither ancient Greek Medicine? (John Karkalas Lecture)

Feb 16, 2010    Mr. Nikolaos Anagnostou (Glasgow), Engineering in the Ancient World: the Antikythera Mechanism

Mar 09, 2010    Dr. Stephanie Winder (Edinburgh), Callimachus on the Rue Lepsius

Apr 20, 2010    AGM / Ms. Jackie Dennett (Glasgow), 21st Century Museums in Athens, Greece

2008 - 2009

Oct 15, 2008    Dr. Richard Jones (Glasgow), A View of Greek Archaeology from Underwater

Nov 24, 2008    Ms. Kirsten Bedigan (Glasgow), Pots, People and Pigs: Understanding the Kabeiric Cult through its Pottery (Joint Meeting with the Classical Association)

Dec 03, 2008    Dr. Rowena Loverance (London), Byzantine Art (in connection with the current exhibition at the Royal Academy on Byzantium) (Joint Meeting with the Dept of History of Art)

Jan 07, 2009    Vasilopitta Evening

Feb 11, 2009    Dr. David Breeze (Historic Heritage Scotland), The Antonine Wall - A World Site! (Scottish Evening)

Mar 04, 2009    Dr. Evi Markou (Cyprus), The Importance of Coinage for the History of Archaic and Classical Cyprus) (Joint Meeting with the Hellenic Society)

Apr 22, 2009    AGM / Dr. Julia Shear (Glasgow), War, Revolution and Remembrance in Classical Athens

2007 - 2008

Oct 17, 2007    Dr. Jim MacDonald (Glasgow), The Greek Volcanic Arc

Nov 14, 2007    Civic Reception at Glasgow City Chambers

Nov 28, 2007    Dr. Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones (Edinburgh), The Big and Beautiful Women of Asia: Picturing Female Sexuality in Greco-Persian Seals (Joint Meeting with Classical Association)

Dec 12, 2007     Dr. Sally-Anne Coupar (Glasgow), A Cabinet of Curiousities - 200 Years of the Hunterian Museum (Scottish Evening)

Jan 10, 2008    Vasilopitta Evening

Feb 06, 2008    Dr. Peggy Sotirakopoulou (Goulandric Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens), Marble and Mystery on the Cycladic Island of Keos: The Story of the 'Keros Hoard' (Joint Meeting with the Hellenic Society)

Mar 12, 2008    Dr. Costas Panayotakis (Glasgow), Translating Roman Comedy into Modern Greek

Apr 10, 2008    Prof. John Underhill (Edinburgh), Where was Odysseus' Homeland? The Geological, Geomorphological, and Geophysical Evidence for relocating Homer's Ithaca (Joint Meeting with the Geological Society)
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