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2018, October 9
Dr Michael Given (Glasgow University), "Fire, soil and water: people and environment in the forests of Cyprus"

The aftermath of a major forest fire brings a whole series of questions. How did it start? How could it have been prevented? What is it about our relationship with the environment that is making forest fires more frequent and more destructive? In spite of the destruction and loss, however, forest fires can reveal archaeological features that might help in answering some of these questions. Perhaps in the past there have been other ways of relating to the forests and the mountains that worked rather better than they seem to today. I will explore these issues by examining the archaeology, history and environment of the forests on the northern slopes of the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus. 

2018, November 13
Mark Baines (Glasgow School of Art), "Greek influences in Glasgow's architecture"

Mark Baines is Chairman of Alexander Thomson Society and lecturer in architecture in Glasgow School of Art. This will be our annual meeting with a Scottish theme. The talk focuses on the architecture of Alexander Thomson but he will draw other aspects into the talk which contextualises Glasgow and the ‘Greeks’.

2019, January 8
Vasilopitta evening at Elia Rstaurant, George Square, Glasgow

2019, January 14
Dr Maroula Perisanidi (University of Leeds), "Hunting Churchmen: pleasure and religious authority in Byzantium"

2019, February 12
Nikos Kyriacou, "Oral History project - Stories of Greek and Cypriot migration in Greater Glasgow"

2019, March 9
Tony Xenos and Chris Lebessis with culinary treats from ancient recipes

2019, April 9
Annual General Meeting